Our Committee Members

  • Kaylee Bonja - Chair, Website, Apartment Rentals and ITSO International Board Member (Chair)
  • Linda Gibson - Secretary
  • Felicity Counsel - Treasurer
  • Sue Garland - Membership Secretary, International Board Member (Secretary)
  • Courtney Gunn - Communications & Technical Support
  • Tony Bostock - AGM Co-ordinator
  • Vacancy- Newsletter Editor

Contact information is available in our Members' Area.


 The principal roles on the committee are:




                              Membership Secretary

                              Minutes Secretary

                              AGM Organiser/Administration

                              Communications Officer

                              Website Maintenance/Administration


Other activities are dealt with on an ad hoc basis.


The existing committee members have each undertaken different roles and there will be flexibility in the allocation of duties to utilise the skills of new members.


The raison d’être of the committee is to represent and protect the interests of our members, at Club La Santa. We have two members on the ITSO International Board who, as English is the common language, usually act as Chairman and Secretary. The International Board meets twice a year, once in a representative country (UK, Denmark, Belgium or Germany) and the other at Club La Santa.

IMPORTANT - Contact with members is now exclusively by email.  Please be sure we have your correct details!


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2024 ITSO CARDS - CLS will issue a microchipped card to you on arrival which MUST BE RETURNED at the end of your stay. This card will also act as your apartment key so it will not bear your name or apartment number.  

We can now accept your feedback about the website. The e-mail account admin@uk.itsolasanta.com will be checked on a regular basis and feedback reported to committee.  However, please do not use this e-mail account for specific or urgent queries, (continue to contact the relevant committee officers), as we are unable to respond from this account.  Thank you

Want to join us?

If you'd like to become an ITSO UK member, please download our application form


ITSO UK Membership Secretary

Sue Garland


Email: membership@uk.itsolasanta.com