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6th January: Payment of Service Fees

At our AGM held in November we were asked to put a suggestion by Club La Santa to our general membership for feedback.

This was done via the e-mail communication sent on 21st December 2021.  


Unfortunately this has lead to some confusion and some members thought that the payment process had changed which has resulted in several queries made to Sports Tours.


This is to make it clear that NOTHING has changed.  We asked for feedback from you which is important to us when we are in discussions with Club La Santa.


Please continue to make payments of Service Fees in the usual way.  That is, in pounds sterling, and via Sports Tours.


Apologies for any confusion caused.

5th January: Happy New Year!

We would like to wish our members a very Happy New Year! 

A reminder that the password to the Members' Area of this site has been updated and you will have been informed of the new password via an e-mail communication sent on 21st December 2021. If you did not receive the e-mail, (don't forget to check your junk mailbox), and you are a paid up member of ITSO(UK) then please check with our Membership Secretary that we have the correct contact details for you.

29th November: Sports Cafe

The refurbishment of the Sports Cafe is complete and it re-opened on Saturday at 5pm. You can see photos of the new look Sports Cafe here

22nd November: ITSO UK AGM

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday, whether in person or via Zoom.  We had a very good meeting and a fuller account will be added very soon.

12th November: Statement of Accounts for approval at AGM

Notice to Members: The Statment of Accounts for the year ended 31st August 2021 has been uploaded to the Members' Area of the website.  It can be found on the Annual General Meetings page.  Please address any queries in advance of the AGM to the Treasurer 

Reminder: AGM to be held on 21st November 2021. 

You will also receive a copy via MailChimp in the next week. If you do not receive a copy please check that we hold the correct contact details for you by contacting the  Membership Secretary

9th November: Problems with Downloads

Some members have reported that they have experienced difficulty opening downloads from this site.  The site is functioning properly.  Therefore, please ensure that your browser settings are set to automatically open downloads; check your downloads folder as you may find that the file has been placed there by your system.  If you are still unable to find the download then please try another browser/ update your browser / update the operating system of your device.  Thank you

26th October: Silent FIT - a new way to exercise

Club La Santa has introduced several classes in the Silent FIT format. Headphones are used for the activity. The weekly programme has the following activities in Silent FIT format:- Dance, BODYJAM™, BODYATTACK™, BODYBALANCE™, BODYCOMBAT™, Pilates, Body Bike Basecamp, Body Bike Fit, Body Bike HIIT, Body Bike Power. 

This can provide a quieter environment for activities such as Yoga and Mindfulness, and for other guests. It is hoped the silent format will grow in popularity and that more classes will take this format. 

26th October: Faster check-in at CLS Reception

With effect from Friday 15th October hotels in the Canary Islands are no longer required to check proof of vaccination status of guests. The removal of this requirement makes check-in faster, and to speed your check-in further Club La Santa recommends that you register on the Club La Santa website and complete the pre-check in process Club La Santa Login / Register



9th October: Timeshare Owners Meeting

We are pleased to announce that a TSO meeting will be held on Monday 11th October.  Kim will not attend but your International Board members are currently at the resort and have decided to host a meeting for TSOs. This is your opportunity to listen to what is happening at CLS, meet your Board members, and to ask them questions.  We are unable to use the Member Lounge due to the current COVID restrictions, so the meeting will be held in the shaded area of the beach where there are concrete tables and benches, and we can easily maintain social distancing requirements. Although Kim is unable to attend in person he will be with us in spirit - he has kindly arranged for cava to be served to attendees!  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Monday evening at 6pm

9th October: Re-opening of Playtime

Playtime will re-open on Monday 11th October and you will not recognise it! It has undergone a super transformation and we are confident that your little ones will love spending time there whilst you enjoy some sport or time alone. Photographs can be found in the Gallery Photo credits  Club La Santa Lanzarote Facebook

5th October: Apartment Allocations

Please be aware that under the COVID constraints in place in the Canary Islands Club La Santa is finding it difficult to allocate like for like apartments to Timeshare Owners who are staying at the resort in weeks outside those that they own.  They are unable to have full occupancy and therefore apartments have to be left empty.  The cleaning regime is very strict so it is not possible for an occupant to move out on one day and for another to occupy the same aprtment on the same day.  Ordinarily Club La Santa does its best to allocate a like for like apartment to timeshare owners where a swap has been agreed.  However, because many timeshare owners decided to defer their weeks to other weeks rather than take a refund of service fee there is a much higher demand on apartments in the same weeks from timeshare owners.  We ask for your understanding if you are allocated an apartment that is not what you would have normally expected.  These are very unique and exceptional circumstance and Club La Santa is doing its best to ensure our safety and the safety of its staff.  It has also made many improvements to the resort in our absence.  So please let's all be grateful that we are able to return to this fabulous and unique resort.

4th October: AGM 2021

All members from September 2020 to August 2021 should have received an e-mail from us via Mail Chimp today.  This includes your invitation to the ITSO(UK) AGM, and an update from Club La Santa.  If you have not received the e-mail then please check your junk mail box.  If there is nothing from us there then please get in touch with our Membership Secretary to confirm your contact details.  The Notice of the AGM 2021 plus all supporting documents can be found in the Members' Area.  They can be downloaded, the response forms are in Word format so that you can complete the forms online and return directly to the Chair

We look for ward to seeing as many of you as possible, either in person or via Zoom. 

27th September: ITSO Member Cards

A reminder to please return your cards to reception on checkout. The cards are not personalised and expire at the end of your stay. We have switched to this system to save plastic waste so please do not take them home. They are designed to be re-used for other ITSO members and for CLS to carry a stock of a few hundred cards instead of producing between 3,000-4,000 ITSO cards annually. Thank you for your co-operation in helping us to reduce plastic waste.

9th September: Access to Members' Area

This issue has now been resolved. Should you continue to experience a problem accessing the Members' Area then please contact us  at Chair or Membership Secretary

6th September: Access to Members' Area

It has been brought to our attention that some members are unable to access the Members' Area of the website with the correct password.  This has been reported to IONOS.  There is an issue with certain browsers (Chrome and Edge). This is being worked on and is likely to take around 48 hours.  We will update you here as soon as the issue is resolved.  In the meantime please use another browser, for example Firefox, Safari to access the Members' Area.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

9th August: Car Hire in Lanzarote - Please book early:

We have been advised that one of the effects of the pandemic on the economy in Lanzarote has been that in order to survive car hire companies have significantly reduced the size of their car fleets.

Now that tourists are returning to the island this is causing a shortage of cars available for hire, and an increase in cost.  Please book well in advance of your stay on the island to ensure a car, or a specific group of car.

Here is a link to an article in a  Lanzarote newspaper. It is written in Spanish, but your browser may give the option to translate the article.  It is reported that some companies have sold almost 75% of their fleet.

9th August: Apologies for the late update to the Weeks for Sale:

My internet provider had technical issues this evening in my area so I apologise for the wait for the list. The list has successfully uploaded.


The number of weeks for sale is falling almost weekly.  If you know anyone who is a timeshare owner that no longer travels to Club La Santa then please remind them that they are holding an asset that people would be interested to buy. 


The value of all timeshare weeks at Club La Santa has increased over the years and the selling process is simple.  Kim and Karen provide a great service to both buyers and sellers and will happily discuss any concerns there may be about buying or selling - please contact Kim 

30th July: Henning Haugaard has sadly passed away 

We are sad to inform you that Henning Haugaard passed away on 18th July.  He celebrated his 74th birthday in April 2021.  He will be well known to the longer standing members of ITSO as he was a Green Team member at the start of CLS.  Henning's various roles included Sports and Activities Manager at the resort. He was the creator of the compilation of music and movements of the Morning Gymnastics at the Leisure Pool.  Over the years Henning was involved in helping with many of the organised sporting events in Lanzarote.  He was the guest personality in the ITSO (UK) Newsletter summer 2011 which can be found in the Members' Area of this website.  He will be fondly remembered by many on the island and CLS timeshare owners.  Our sincere condolences to his family and friends. 

12th July 2021: Update from Club La Santa

The resort has now been open for 12 weeks and the number of guests is rising gradually.  Kaylee, ITSO(UK) Chair, holidayed at the resort last week and has written about some of the changes that have taken place at the resort, and given an insight to the travel requirements in place at the time of her trip. This can be found Here

Kim and Karen have provided a revised list of restaurants where member discounts apply. This can be found in the Downloads Area of the Members's Area. Please note that this may change.  It is still not clear which restaurants will re-open. La Santa village has seen the permanent closure of several restaurants:- Verde Mar, Mama Africa and Grillen.  Rio Azul closed prior to the pandemic.  It is not known whether the existing owners will re-open Rio Azul or if it will open under new management. Restaurants could open in the locations of Verde Mar and Mama Africa, but the latest news is that Grillen will be converted into a private residence.

20th May 2021: Travel Advice from the UK

Following the lifting of the travel ban on Monday 17th May there has been a lot of confusion.  Please follow advice from an official source. The FCDO offers a subscription service so that you can receive updates as they happen. Click here for more information

26th April 2021: ITSO Service Office

The ITSO office will remain closed for the time being. Please see Timeshare Resales page for further details. Thank you for your understanding.  

25th April 2021: Club La Santa Live Webcam

if you can't wait to visit Club La Santa then you can admire the view over the leisure pool by wathing the live webcam.  The link can be found at the bottom of our HOME page.

21st April 2021: Club La Santa has re-opened!

We are very pleased that Club La Santa re-opened yesterday. Sadly, there are no visitors from here in the UK, but we hope that it will be possible to travel to Lanzarote from the UK from 17th May.

There are a few extra things to update you about. 

Membership cards:- these are now microchipped to act as door cards. The new design can be seen in the right hand column of this web page.  Cards are no longer personalised.  Your membership card(s) will be issued on arrival and should you wish to use them as a charge card at the resort during your stay, then reception staff will ask for a credit card for pre-authorisation (standard hotel industry procedure). The card is to be returned on check-out from the resort. Data on the microchip will be cleared and the card re-used.  This is a much 'greener' system as far fewer plastic ITSO cards will need to be produced.  100s instead of 1000s.

Club La Santa has announced a special offer for timeshare owners which is valid for stays up to and including 30th June. ITSO Members will receive a Newsletter from us in the next few days.  This will give you further detail and other information. 

If you are a member and do not receive a Newsletter then please check your junk mail. If you cannot find it in you junk mail then please update the contact details we hold for you by clicking on the 'UPDATE your contact details here'  button found in the right hand column of this web page.

For further information about COVID safety at the resort see the Club La Santa Official website

Please note that the Members Lounge will not re-open under current COVID safety measures.  The weekly TSO meetings will not resume either. Both will stay under constant review and any updates will be reported here.

24th February 2021: Postponement of CLS re-opening

Club La Santa has announced today that the re-opening has been put back to 20th April 2021.  For further information see the Club La Santa Official website

3rd February 2021: Postponement of CLS re-opening

Club La Santa has announced today that the re-opening has been put back to 23rd March 2021.  For further information see the Club La Santa Official website

7th January 2021: Postponement of CLS re-opening

Club La Santa has announced today that the re-opening has been put back to 3rd March 2021.  For further information see the Club La Santa Official website

1st January 2021: Happy New Year

The ITSO(UK) committee would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.  We hope that 2021 and the vaccination programme against COVID-19 will bring better days for us all, and that life will be able to begin its return to normal.

ITSO(UK) members please remember that the password to the Members' Area has changed with effect from today. You should have received the new password by e-mail on 04/12/2020. Please contact the Membership Secretary if you have paid the 2021 subscription and did not receive the e-mail to notify you of the password.  

2nd December 2020: Deferred re-opening date

The re-opening date of the resort has been deferred again.  The new expected opening date is Wednesday 20th January 2021. For further information see the Club La Santa Official website

30th November 2020: Unadopted minutes of the AGM 2020

The unadopted minutes of the AGM held 25th October 2020 can be found in the Members' Area - Annual General Meetings

25th November 2020: Completion of La Rambla

Club La Santa has released photgraphs of its new Rambla. They can be viewed here

9th November 2020: Re-opening date deferred to January 2021

Club La Santa has recently announced that it  is deferring the re-opening of the resort to early January 2021.  For timeshare owners with weeks that start on a Thursday this will be Thursday 4th January 2021.  Sports Tours will contact you if you are affected by this.

4th November 2020: Response from Club La Santa to questions asked at the AGM

A question was asked about the exemption policy for wearing masks in Lanzarote.  We have been directed to an article which gives this advice, and much more besides.  The article is very informative and worth reading in full.  Please click here for the detail.

In regard to the question about toilet facilities in the stadium area - the nearest toilets are those located next to the Pool Bar.  There will also be toilet facilities in the new Reception building.

26th October 2020: AGM held Sunday 25th October

Thank you to everyone who attended our first virtual AGM. We had a good level of attendance and we hope that you found it both useful and informative.  The report from the Secretary of the International Board can be found in the AGM Section of the Members' Area. Club La Santa kindly provided us with photos of some of the improvements completed so far this year.  These can be found on the Gallery page.  A link to the video of the running track was posted on this page on 16th September. Click here to view. The unadopted minutes will be uploaded to the Members' Area as soon as they are complete. Thanks again to everyone who joined us on Sunday.  We hope to see as many members as possible at our 2021 AGM

21st October 2020: Deferred Re-Opening Date CLS

Club La Santa has announced that the re-opening date of the resort has been deferred to 1st December 2020. Sports Tours will contact you if you are affected by this. 

12th October 2020: Reminder AGM 25th October 2020

A reminder that the ITSO (UK) AGM  will take place in less than two weeks.  The ITSO International Board had a good meeting with Club La Santa Management and we are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our AGM via Zoom. It's not too late to join us! If you are unsure about how to use Zoom and would like some support, or to test out using it, then please contact us via email and quote your ITSO membership number.   

2nd October 2020: Change to the re-opening date of CLS

So sorry to disappoint you, but the planned re-opening date has been deferred to 3rd November 2020.  Those of you affected by this change will be contacted by Sports Tours in due course.

26th September 2020: Notice of the 2020 AGM

Notice of the AGM has been issued via e-mail (MailChimp). Details and the relevant documents can be found in the Members' Area.  If you were a member of ITSO (UK) during the year 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020 and have not received notice of the AGM then please, in the first instance, check your junk mail box.  Then contact Courtney, our membership secretary, to check whether we hold correct contact details for you.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our first virtual AGM.

Kaylee - Chair ITSO (UK) 

22nd September 2020: Delay to the re-opening of Club La Santa

Club La Santa has delayed the re-opening of the resort to mid-October.

For more information see the Club La Santa website 

16th September 2020: The New Running Track is Complete!

Club La Santa has been busy with renovations whilst it has been closed. The new running track is complete.  Watch the video here  If you look closely you will see that the Sports Booking building has been demolished and see the new number one court.

3rd September 2020: New Re-opening Date

Club La Santa has announced the expected re-opening date as 30th September 2020. See the Club La Santa website

26th August 2020: AGM Sunday 25th October 2020 - A Major Change

Please check the AGM section in the Members' Area to find out about the major change for this year.  This includes a change to the date of the AGM.

26th August 2020: Service Fees 2021

The service fees for next year can be found on the Downloads (Public Page)

23rd August 2020: Information about improvements at the resort

For the latest news on renovations and improvements at Club La Santa please click here

21st August 2020: Change to re-opening date at Club La Santa

It was announced today on Instagram, Facebook, and the Club La Santa website that the re-opening of the resort has been postponed. Mid-September has been given as the anticipated new opening date.  Please see the Club La Santa website for more detail. If you have a timeshare booking for late August/early September 2020 and you have not heard from Sports Tours then please contact Kathryn at Sports Tours

12th August 2020: Sports Booking returns to its original location!

As part of the improvements to the stadium the Sports Booking building has been demolished.  Sports Booking has returned to its original location inside the complex.  It has undergone a full renovation. Photos to follow.

12th August 2020: News for soon to arrive guests!

The regional government of the Canary Islands has taken out insurance for tourists. The insurance covers the return flight home, the quarantine accommodation, and the medical costs related to COVID-19. 

Also, the Cabildo has launched a real time website on the status of COVID-19 and the cases on the island.  Lanzarote has a particularly low infection rate, with only 11 infected people. Follow the official   information about Coronavirus on Lanzarote here:

This information was taken from the Facebook page of Club La Santa Lanzarote

19th June 2020: Change to re-opening date of Club La Santa

Club La Santa has announced that it will bring forward the opening date by 1 day to Thursday 27th August.  Please note that travel from Britain is subject to Foreign Office travel advice click here and flight operators opening routes from Britain to Lanzarote.

9th June 2020: Announcement by Club La Santa via Facebook

The Facebook page Club La Santa UK & Ireland has recently made this announcement regarding the earliest re-opening of Club La Santa:

Facebook Club La Santa UK & Ireland

8th June 2020: Lifting of the Estado de Alarma in Spain

You may have read that the Spanish Government is planning to lift the 'Estado de Alarma' (State of Emergency) on 21st June.  Provided that their is no immediate resurgence in COVID-19 cases then this will go ahead on 21st June. 

Where refunds have been requested by timeshare owners these will be processed within 60 days from 21st June.  Please be patient.  Although many restrictions have been lifted social distancing and other measures are still in place, so businesses here in the UK and in Spain are not working at full capacity. 

As timeshare owners our contracts are with Club La Santa, a company registered in Spain, and not with Sports Tours, which is UK registered.  Please be respectful to Kathryn at all times.  Thank you

4th June 2020: News from Club La Santa via Facebook

This link gives information and some photographs of tennis court 10 from Facebook Club La Santa Lanzarote  It looks good!

4th June 2020: Timeshare Calendar - Guide Only

We have received several requests for an extension to the current timeshare calendar which expires at the end of 2020.  We have produced a calendar up to and including 2032 which can be used as a guide only.  Club La Santa has not validated the calendar so there could be errors.  Sports Tours issues a calendar only 1 year in advance.  For planning a holiday more than one year in advance, or for purchasing an apartment week for a specific date please confirm the dates with Sports Tours or Club La Santa BEFORE making any payments/purchases as ITSO will not be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of erroneous data in the calendar. 

22nd May 2020: Newsletter Error 

The date of the AGM given in the newsletter is incorrect.  The AGM will take place the weekend of 17/18th October.

22nd May 2020:Update from Club La Santa & UK Newsletter

UK members will shortly receive a Newsletter from the UK committee.  This will outline what is happening at Club La Santa, details around its re-opening, and an idea for the 2020 AGM.  If you are a paid up member of ITSO (UK) and you have not received any communications from us via MailChimp then please contact the Membership Secretary, Courtney Gunn.  You may need to update your details

19th May 2020: What's happening at Club La Santa

Work is being carried out at the resort whilst it is not open for business.  The leisure pool is being repainted and the works scheduled for the stadium are underway.  The track has been lifted, Sports Booking demolished, the steps/seating have been removed from tennis court 10, and an area has been created for the CrossFit training.  Walls are being built between the pairs of tennis courts.  Planning permission for the new Reception building has not been granted yet but Club La Santa has decided to start work on 'La Rambla' from the stadium to the mini-golf. there has also been some refurbishment of some apartments, and the small sports shop in the square has been gutted.  

18th May 2020:Update from Club La Santa

There is no further news regarding the payment of Service Fees for future weeks.  A refund will only be offered if Club La Santa is closed for business.  Therefore, if timeshare owners make a payment and are unable to travel for any other reason than that the resort is closed then the normal cancellation policy will apply.  This means that if you are unable to get a flight, or if travel from the UK is not permitted, but Club La Santa is open for business you will lose the service fee paid.

ITSO has tried to obtain an assurance from CLS that in such circumstances TSOs will be able to have the service fees paid reallocated to another week they own - either later in 2020, or the same weeks in 2021. However, this assurance has not been provided.  We hope to be able to give you some positive news soon.

17th April 2020:Update from Club La Santa UK and Ireland Facebook

This is taken from a post made today on Facebook by Club La Santa UK and Ireland:

Dear guest,
As you may already be aware the UK Government has extended its national lockdown for a further three weeks due to COVID-19, this includes all non essential travel.
If you have a booking with us from now until the 7th May, this will mean unfortunately your upcoming booking with us and has been affected.

If you have a booking with us from the 27th April – 7th May shortly you’ll receive an email update from the team with more details on how to amend or cancel
your booking.

Club La Santa UK and Ireland are focused purely on our customers needs at this time and we are committed to ensuring you have all the correct information to enable you to make informed decisions regarding your trip to our resort.
We ask in the meantime if you wish to contact the team directly, to do so via email and we kindly ask you to give the team 48 hours to reply, due to the volume of enquiries we are receiving.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Club La Santa UK & Ireland

14th April 2020:Payment of Service Fees 

There is no change to the three month deadline for payment of Service Fees. Kathryn will not issue reminders for payment.

Until there is a statement from Club La Santa via Sports Tours that gives assurance about Service Fees paid during the lockdown period in the UK and/or in Spain you are advised to follow the advice issued by the UK government.  This can be found here 

If you do not follow the advice given then your travel insurance will not cover any losses incurred.  In any event check your travel insurance to determine whether payments for timeshare are included in your policy.

6th April 2020:Update COVID-19: Letter to ITSO (UK) members 

Tomorrow a letter will be circulated to all UK members via Mail Chimp.  If you are a paid up member and you do not receive an e-mail from us then please check your spam and junk mailboxes.  If you cannot find anything from us there then please contact our Membership Secretary, Courtney Gunn, so that he can check the contact details we hold for you.  Alternatively you can update your contact details here by clicking on the box 'UPDATE Your Contact Details Here' which is found in the right hand column of this page.  A copy of the letter has been uploaded to the Downloads section of the Members Area.

27th March 2020: Temporary Closure of Club La Santa: COVID-19 

To comply with the directive issued by the Spanish Government the resort closed to guests at midnight last night.  From 23rd March for a period of 30 days travel to Spain by non-residents of Spain is not permitted. This period may be extended.

20th March 2020: Information for displaced UK citizens 

The UK citizens remaining at Club La Santa, or anywhere else outside the UK may find this link useful

19th March 2020: Request from Sports Tours

Kathryn from Sports Tours, Manchester, has been in touch to respectfully request that timeshare owners remain patient.  She is doing her best to answer queries as quickly as possible.  As soon as Sports Tours have an official statement from Club La Santa Kathryn will circulate it to you.  Clearly the focus of attention must be on returning home the guests who are still at the resort. Kathryn will contact each of you in date order of your booking to answer your queries and to come to a resolution on individual bookings.  At this time please do not contact Kathryn about exchanges for later in the year or for next year.  The priority is for people who are affected by the lockdown on the island, and for holidays booked in the coming weeks.  Please bear with us.  We are sharing as much information as we have but things change at a rapid pace.

Thank you for your anticipated understanding and patience at this difficult time. 

Kaylee, Chair ITSO (UK)

16th March 2020: Coronavirus  COVID-19

A further update has been added to Facebook by Club La Santa UK and Ireland.

Log in to Facebook to keep up to date  A screenshot is added below for those unable to follow the link 

Please also check Club La Santa's Website


13th March 2020: Coronavirus  COVID-19

Club La Santa UK and Ireland has just added this to this Facebook Page

Screenshot from Facebook

13th March 2020: Coronavirus  COVID-19

For up to date information about travelling from the UK to Club La Santa please click HERE and HERE

9th March 2020: New Restaurant

We are pleased to inform you the restaurant formerly known as Grillen has re-opened and is now called Mara.  A 10% discount for ITSO members has been secured.  Please remember the agreed protocol when claiming discounts at external restaurants: To show your valid ITSO card before asking for the bill; and to inform the restaurant in advance if your party is 8 people or more.

4th March 2020: AGM 2020

Details of the date and location of the ITSO(UK) AGM 2020 have been added to the Members' Area.  Please add the date to your diary.

29th January 2020: Biosphere Smart Hotel

Yesterday Club La Santa proudly announced, via Facebook, that it has been certified as a Biosphere Smart Hotel by the Instituto Turismo Responsable. This certification recognises the resort's digital transformation, use of new technologies and sustainability.


20th January 2020: News from Club La Santa

To date there has been no progress with the planning permission required for the new Reception.  Therefore Club La Santa has decided to bring forward the transformation of the area from tower 59 to the mini-golf. Final stages of the design by Henning Larsen are being agreed and we have been told that the roadway will blend into its surrounding, which will be planted as gardens over different levels, and contain benches, to create a 'rambla'.  The work is planned to commence after Easter.

Club La Santa are still working on their website to create a booking and payment area.  It is called My Club La Santa and timeshare owners are able to enter details about their reservation, flight details and guest details. 

You may have noticed that the Rotunda at the Pool Bar has had a makeover.  To mark the changes it has now been given a new name.  It is now called El Mirador, and a sign has been placed next to the entrance.  Photo to follow.

The stepped seating area at tennis court 10 is due to be removed shortly.  A machine that is capable of removing the whole block has been identified, and Club La Santa will employ this method to minimise disruption caused by noise and dust.  The part completed work you can see now was carried out by using pneumatic drills! 

You may have also noticed that many of the street lights between Club La Santa and La Santa village are not working.  Club La Santa has been pushing the local council for the repairs, and will continue to push the local mayor and council until the repairs are undertaken.

1st January 2020: Happy New Year!

Wishing all our members a very Happy New Year! We hope you had an enjoyable night and stayed safe.  Here's to a healthy, happy and harmonious year ahead.  Don't forget that the password to the Members' Area changed today.  If you did not receive an e-mail to notify you of the new password then we do not hold up to date contact details for you.  Please contact the Membership Secretary, Courtney Gunn.  If you have forgotten to pay your membership fee there is still time to join.  Please contact the Treasurer, Sue Garland, and she will assist you with setting up an annual payment by standing order.  As usual ITSO membership cards will be available to collect at reception on check-in. 2019 cards will remain valid until the end of January, so please bring them with you if you have a January stay.

1st January 2020: A new NEWS page!

Our LATEST NEWS page is now full so, instead of deleting the old news we have created a new page.  The LATEST NEWS page has become the News Archive page. A sub-page of this one.

Want to join us?

If you'd like to become an ITSO UK member, please download our application form


ITSO UK Membership Secretary

Courtney Gunn




IMPORTANT - Contact with members is now exclusively by email.  Please be sure we have your correct details!


UPDATE Your Contact Details Here


2021 ITSO CARDS - CLS will issue a microchipped card to you on arrival which must be returned at the end of your stay. This card will also act as your apartment key so it will not bear your name or apartment number.   Airport Transfers

We can now accept your feedback about the website. The e-mail account will be checked on a regular basis and feedback reported to committee.  However, please do not use this e-mail account for specific or urgent queries, (continue to contact the relevant committee officers), as we are unable to respond from this account.  Thank you


2021 AGM - Click here for details