ITSO Member Benefits and TSO Rights

Your Timeshare Certificate and Service Agreement contain the basic legal rights and obligations relating to your timeshare week(s).

Click here to download full details of Timeshare Owners' Rights and Privileges and ITSO Benefits.

Timeshare Ownership at Club La Santa also gives you many special additional rights and benefits. These have been agreed with Club La Santa on your behalf by ITSO and override and improve on the provisions of your Timeshare Certificate and Service Agreement. Up-to-date details, as agreed in the new STRAP Agreement which came into force on 1st January 2012,  are included in the document available for download.

On becoming a member of ITSO further exclusive benefits and discounts are available to you as follows:-



  • Registration of weeks for resale with Timeshare Resales at the ITSO Service Office


  • Club La Santa Restaurant La Piscina and Green Bar
  • Plus External Restaurants -see the current list in the Downloads section



  • Facility to rent apartment weeks from other ITSO members through this website
  • Regular national newsletters and website plus specific information for members

Want to join us?

If you'd like to become an ITSO UK member, please download our application form


ITSO UK Membership Secretary

Courtney Gunn




IMPORTANT - Contact with members is now exclusively by email.  Please be sure we have your correct details!


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2019 ITSO CARDS - to be collected on arrival at CLS.  Please do not try to collect cards on behalf of anyone else - this includes family members  Airport Transfers

We can now accept your feedback about the website. The e-mail account will be checked on a regular basis and feedback reported to committee.  However, please do not use this e-mail account for specific or urgent queries, (continue to contact the relevant committee officers), as we are unable to respond from this account.  Thank you


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