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20th December 2019: Wellness Centre Re-opens TOMORROW

A small opening ceremony will take place tomorrow, Saturday 21st December, at 10am

The Wellness Centre has gone through a comprehensive renovation and is designed to bring balance to body, soul, and mind.

It has a new welcoming entrance near to the leisure pool with easy access for those with reduced mobility. The new interior is a light and modern design with natural and organic elements. There are 8 private treatment rooms, and whole body Cryotherapy.  The spa facilities include a hydro pool, Jacuzzi, large unisex sauna with salt wall, steam bath, plunge pool, experience showers (bucket shower, rainfall shower with aromatherapy, bi-thermal Scottish shower), ice fountain,and an outdoor relaxation area. 

The professional team of therapists and masseurs offer a wide range of sports and holistic treatments.

During the morning, up until 13.00hr, there are a variety of optional experiences. "FLOW": natural peeling for the body, face mask, ritual in the sauna, stretch and mobility in the pool, and much more!

Several sessions of Saunagus will be offered during the week.

In the changing rooms shower gel and shampoo from the Danish luxury skincare manufacturer Karmameju are offered.


A link to the brochure detailing treatments and prices can be found in the Downloads (Public) Section.


The staff look forward to welcoming you.

16th December 2019: ITSO Service Manager

The opening hours of the ITSO office will be irregular whilst Kim Tell is undergoing medical treatment at the hospital in Arrecife.  The office hours will be updated and displayed in the office window every Friday.  The office and timeshare resales continue to function.  More information about timeshare resales can be obtained by contacting Kim Tell  The Weeks for Sale list will continue to be uploaded to the website every Monday evening, and updated in the display unit outside the ITSO office every Tuesday. Kim and Karen will do their best to host weekly timeshare owner meetings on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.  If they are unable to host a meeting then a poster will be placed in the Members' Lounge.

A few words from Kim "Thank you to the ITSO Board who have given great support to myself and my family.  Kaylee Bonja, Chair ITSO (UK), came to Club La Santa for 3 weeks and covered the office opening hours and hosted 3 TSO meetings.  Karsten Kraglund, Chair of the ITSO International Board, has given great personal support. Also, a big thank you to the many well wishers and the positive e-mails we have received. But as my doctor has said 'It is very important to have a positive outlook.' Therefore, I would like to put that into effect when I am in the ITSO office - I am there to work, not to talk illness. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation"

16th December 2019: Wellness Centre Update

The Wellness Centre is re-opening soon.  More news to follow. A link to the treatments and price list can be found in the Downloads (Public) section

9th December 2019:

Club La Santa Reception - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  A sport themed tree


Tennis Court 10 has re-opened.  A total of 7 available tennis courts. The height of the fencing will be increased.

6th December 2019: Update Tennis Court 1

Photos can be found in the Gallery section.  The digger has moved in! 

Thank you to Felicity for the photos.

9th December - more photos added see the Gallery

30th November 2019:ITSO Service Office

After a 3 week break Kim will resume his duties next week.  The office hours are subject to change, whilst Kim continues his medical treatment.  Please check notice of opening hours displayed in the office window.

Kaylee has completed the period of cover in Kim's absence and would like to thank everyone for being so kind and helpful.  This includes Club La Santa personnel, and ITSO members who visited the office and/or attended the weekly meetings. A few words from Kaylee - "As Chair of ITSO(UK) it was a great experience to get to meet people from the different ITSO associations, hear their views, and hopefully resolve some problems. All suggestions and ideas, difficulties and concerns, have been passed to Club La Santa and the ITSO International Board for discussion and action.  Follow up and feedback has been given, as appropriate, and the matters outstanding will continue to be pursued. I am glad to have been of assistance to Kim, and now welcome him back to work.  I will miss the view in the photo above!"

29th November 2019:Tennis Court 1

Preparations are under way for the removal of Tennis Court 1.  Safety fencing is being erected around the area.  Courts 2 & 3 will also be affected as these will be converted in a single court to become the new Tennis Court 1

27th November 2019: Wellness Centre Re-opening

The renovations to the Wellness Centre are approximately 2 weeks behind schedule.  Therefore, it is looking less likely that it will re-open in mid-December, but will re-open at the beginning of January

21st November 2019: Apartments Available to Rent

Please remember to inform if your apartment is no longer available to rent.  It is disappointing for people to make contact only to find that it is no longer available (and it can be a source of irritation to receive enquiries when it is no longer available).  It is your responsibility to let us know so that we can remove it from the list. Thank you.

11th November 2019: ITSO Service Office

Kim is taking a break from his office duties for the next three weeks whilst he undergoes medical treatment.  The ITSO service office will be staffed by Kaylee Bonja, Chair UK Association.  The office will open from 1pm until 5pm Monday to Friday for the next 2 weeks, with effect from today. The office opening hours will be reviewed for the third week and stated here on the Latest News page.  Please pop in to see Kaylee with any queries you have about ITSO membership, and to catch up on your rights and privileges as a member of ITSO.  The weekly timeshare owners meeting will resume tomorrow evening with Kaylee as host, and she looks forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the coming weeks.  The timeshare resales business will continue as normal and we would like to wish Kim the best of luck with his treatment.

Update: the office opening hours for the week commencing Monday 25th November are 1pm-3pm

28th October 2019: High End Bike Rental

Although it is now possible to reserve high end bikes online in advance of arrival, the online system will not allow the timeshare discount to be applied at present.  The process agreed for timeshare owners is as follows:- e-mail the Bike Centre to reserve a bike in advance of arrival at Club La Santa.  After arrival present either the TSO card or ITSO card at the Bike Centre to collect the bike.  The discount will be applied and then payment can be made.  Please note that the Bike Centre does NOT accept cash. Only card payments are accepted so please be aware that your bank or credit card company may apply a charge for using the card abroad.

20th October 2019: AGM News

Thank you to everyone who attended today.  It was a very good meeting, and so encouraging to see familiar faces and some new faces. The summary of the survey results, Legitimate Interest Assessment (GDPR compliance), and the Chair's Report have been uploaded to the website and can be found in the Downloads section of the Members' Area. Watch this page for further updates! 

15th October 2019: ITSO (UK) Financial Statement

Only 4 days until our AGM! We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new faces.  The survey response was fantastic - a staggering 44%. We will present the results on Sunday. In the meantime the financial statement for the year ended 31st August 2019 has been uploaded to the members' area.  So please take a look or print in advance of the meeting.  The meeting agenda and minutes from the 2018 AGM can also be found in the members' area. Once again, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday and thank you for your interest and support.

15th October 2019: WEEK 53

Please be aware that 2020 contains a week 53.  Therefore, your weeks will fall earlier than usual and it is IMPORTANT that you check the timeshare calendar BEFORE BOOKING FLIGHTS.

For timeshare owners who own both week 52 and 01 in the same apartment you will have the option to select either week 52 and week 53 OR week 53 and week 01 in your apartment.  The Christmas and New Year Period is the peak period of the year at Club La Santa, tourist booking levels are high and reservations are made early. It is important that you make your selection as soon as possible and inform Kathryn at Sports Tours. Club La Santa management has requested that this is done no later than 1st July 2020.  Thank you for your co-operation.

30th September 2019: Service Fee 2020

The list of service fees for next year can be found on the Downloads (Public) page.  Remember the service fee is payable at least 3 months in advance.  Sports Tours do not issue reminders for payment.

There are always members looking for additional weeks or wishing to move their weeks for a particular year.  This is not always possible to arrange directly with Sports Tours as the occupancy level at Club La Santa is consistently high.  Therefore, please use the rentals facility on the website if you know you are not going to use your apartment week(s).  At least 6 months in advance is preferable.  Thank you

30th September 2019: AGM Notice 2019

A reminder to all our mmbers to complete and return the AGM attendance form and form of proxy.  These can be found in the Members' Area.  There is lots of news to be shared - new buildings planned, renovations, new activities, additional restaurant offering ITSO members a discount.  As we move closer to the end of STRAP2 it is important to have your views and ideas for the negotiation of STRAP3.  Please complete the survey that was recently sent to all members.  If you did not receive a link to the survey then please let us know.  All communications are electronic and there are still a few members for whom we do not hold a valid e-mail address.  Please use the 'UPDATE Your Contact Details Here' facilty on the right hand column of this page.

The AGM forms can be downloaded, completed, and returned to the Chair, Kaylee Bonja, via e-mail or post.  Thank you

14th September 2019: AGM Notice 2019

The AGM Notice 2019 was circulated to members yesterday.  We have received feedback to say that the links do not work for some people.  This seems to have affected people with Apple devices - iPhones and iPads.  The AGM notice, Attendance Response form and Proxy Vote form have been uploaded to the Members Area of the website. 

The forms can be downloaded, completed, and returned to the Chair, Kaylee Bonja, via e-mail or post.

13th September 2019: Member Survey

We recently sent out to all UK members a link to a survey, via Survey Monkey.  The survey provides members the opportunity to give their views and feedback on 3 subject areas:- benefits for timeshare owners under the STRAP agreement; the methods and frequency of communications to members; and the AGM.  So far, the response has been fantastic!

If you are a member and have not received an e-mail regarding the survey then please check your junk mail and spam mail.  If the e-mail is not there then please contact Kaylee Bonja for assistance.

25th June 2019: Leif Engelsbak

We are sad to inform you that Leif Engelsbak passed away on Monday 17th June. He did not recover from a heart attack in his garden at Ringkøbing. Leif had served on the Danish ITSO Association and the ITSO International Board.  He resigned from both positions to take up the post of Timeshare Resales Manager at Club La Santa.  He held the post for 10 years from 1997 to 2007, and many of you will undoubtedly remember him.  Leif will be sadly missed by his family and friends.  The Chair of the ITSO International Board has sent condolences and flowers to Leif's family on behalf of the four national ITSO Associations.

18th June 2019: Rentals Reminders

As Club La Santa becomes more successful it can be more difficult to secure internal exchanges via Sports Tours.  Therefore, the rentals facility has become more important and is more widely used than ever.

So, a couple of reminders - please contact us to inform us when your apartment week is no longer available so that it can be removed from the list and prevent unneccessary calls/e-mails.  The weeks are not automatically removed and roll forward to the next year so please remember to get in touch with Kaylee at Rentals

If you are arranging to rent an apartment week from another member then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the timeshare calendar AND confirm the start day BEFORE making a payment to the owner or booking flights.

The UK has offered this facility to its members for many years with great success and other national associations are beginning to offer the same facility.

12th March 2019: Update from Club La Santa

From April there will be more Senior Classes. A 'full-body' workout is among the additions.  Check out the Weekly Programme in a couple of weeks on  for more details

The Sports Booking App has been updated.  The update includes a new colour code and a category 'Open classes - All Ages'.  Also, reminders will be sent about bookings to encourage guests to cancel bookings if they are not going to attend.

Club La Santa has been considering introducing activities that would have special appeal to teenagers. 'Street-days' a skateboarding activity with ramps will take place in the area close to the North Sports Hall (original badminton hall).  The ramps are not permanent fixtures, and they will be removed and stored daily.

Other improvements include:

  • The Pilates Reformer machines will be replaced with new ones
  • The CrossFit area has been refurbished and the class size has increased from 12 people to 20 people
  • The TRX equipment has been correctly spaced so that there is room for more people and for the instructor
  • The number of bike tours has been rationalised as for some tours there have been more instructors than guests taking part.  Mountain bike instruction has been introduced. See the Weekly Programme
  • The golf membership is working well, and 500 cards have been printed so far  
  • On the advice of the Police the cycle route of the mini triathlon has been changed.  The route is 4 times around the lagoon instead of the ride to Tinajo and back.  Health and safety concerns had been raised because many participants were racing through Tinajo and La Santa village which posed a risk to pedestrians, and to the cyclists themselves.

For more updates watch this space!


5th March 2019 : Improvements to facilities

The CrossFit area has had some improvements made to it.  It has been enclosed by a wall and the area has been re-surfaced.




Some changes have been made to the walkway around Atlantico restaurant.





The walkway is being enclosed with glass windows and doors.

18th February 2019 : Timeshare Resales Office Update

The TSO meeting scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled. Karen will continue to staff the ITSO office until Kim is well enough to resume his office based duties.

5th February 2019 : Timeshare Resales Office

You will be pleased to learn that Kim has finally had his long-awaited operation.  The ITSO office is currently closed and Karen will re-open it on Wednesday 13th February.  The TSO meetings scheduled for today and next Tuesday (12th Feb) have been cancelled. E-mail queries and resales in progress will be dealt with as usual.  We all wish Kim a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him walking without the aid of a stick and without pain.

8th January 2019 : Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!

A few reminders: 

the password to the Members' Area has changed so if you are a member and have not received the password then please contact us.

Kathryn at Sports Tours has requested that you provide her with your full travel details, including the names and dates of birth of all guests at least 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of your stay.

And if you are not going to use your weeks then please make them available to other members by placing them on the apartments available to rent list.  As occupancy levels increase year round at Club La Santa exchanges are becoming increasingly difficult.

The unadopted minutes of the 2018 AGM can be found in the Members' Area.

Many thanks

15th October 2018 :  AGM 

Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM held at the Derbyshire Hotel, Alfreton.  Although we were disappointed by the number of attendees it was a good meeting. Lots of information was shared and we took lots of questions.  Kim Tell joined us for a while via a Skype connection to give an update of the management's plans to continue improvement of the resort. We had some technical problems and we apologise for the poor quality of the call and apologise to those who were unable to connect.  We welcome new members to the committee - Christine Tomlinson, Sue Garland, and Peter Hall.  Sue retired from the position of Honorary Auditor and Felicity Counsell was elected to the position.  Thank you all for coming forward and we look forward to your contributions as we move forward working towards STRAP3.  The unadopted minutes will be available in the Members' area shortly.  The 2019 AGM will return to the south of England.  

12th October 2018 :  Service Fees 2019

The calculation of the Service Fees for 2019 has been checked and the fees can be found in the Downloads (Public) section of the website.  Please remember the three month deadline for receipt of service fee, and that no reminders are issued by Sports Tours

11th October 2018 :  ITSO (UK) AGM 2018

It is not too late to attend!! We have places available via Skype connection if you would like to try this method of joining us.  Kim Tell will be joining us from Lanzarote so you will have the opportunity to ask him questions and hear the latest news from Club La Santa without leaving the comfort of your home.  Please contact Courtney Gunn via e-mail if you would like further details   -

11th October 2018 :  ITSO (UK) Accounts 2017/2018

The accounts are now available to view in the Members Area - Members Only Downloads. The accounts have been audited but are subject to approval at the AGM on Sunday 14th October.  Please address any queries to the Treasurer You are welcome to do this as an ITSO (UK) member even if you are unable to attend the AGM

1st October 2018 :  Last minute offer

A UK member has a 2 bedroom apartment, 302B, available for week 43.  Thursday 25th October to Thursday 1st November 2018  The service fee has been paid, but due to unforeseen circumstances the member is unable to use the week.  No sensible offer will be refused. Please refer to the Apartments Available to Rent list for further details.  Members' Area

24th September 2018 :  Reminder AGM 14th October 2018

Please remember to send your response form/ proxy form to the Chair.  We look forward to seeing as many as you as possible on the 14th October.

11th September 2018 :  AGM 14th October 2018

ITSO (UK) members should have all received an e-mail giving details of this year's AGM.  We continue to save paper by making all documents available in the Members' Area - Downloads (Members Only).  Please download,  complete with your responses, and return by e-mail as per the instructions.  If you are a member and did not receive a notification then please check your junk mail box in the first instance, and then contact Courtney Gunn, Membership Secretary, to confirm we are holding up to date contact details for you. We hope to see as many of you as possible on the 14th, and, if you cannot be there in person then you have the opportunty to join via a Skype link.  Please refer to the documents in the Members' Area - Downloads (Members Only). 

27th August 2018 :  North Sports Hall

The refurbishment of the North Sports Hall is now complete and has been re-opened.

23rd July 2018 : New Bouldering Wall

The new bouldering wall is open.  It can be found in the old squash courts.  This facility can be booked using the Sports Booking App.  However, you will need to collect a key and special shoes from Sports Booking. 

For more information click here 

The information for use document can be found on the page Downloads (Public)


19th July 2018 : North Pool

We are pleased to inform you that the refurbishment work to the North Pool is complete and the pool has re-opened.

19th June 2018 :  Live Webcam

The live webcam overlooking the leisure pool is back.  If you need a Club La Santa 'fix' then follow this link

11th June 2018 :  The new climbing wall

The new climbing wall will be opened in 3 weeks! More to follow.

25th May 2018 :  The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect today.

Our privacy policy can be found in the Downloads (Public) section.

If have not taken action to agree to receive communications from us, then we will no longer be able to send you Newsletters, AGM details, the website password or other general updates. 

If you did not receive an e-mail from us about the GDPR and would like to continue to hear from us please contact Courtney Gunn, membership secretary.  Alternatively you can use the form on this website 'UPDATE your contact details here.  Courtney will receive this form and be able to send you the e-mail. 

17th May 2018 :  Spring Newsletter

We are pleased to inform you that the spring edition of the ITSO Newsletter is available in the Members' Area.  We hope you find it informative.  Feedback, including ideas/requests for future editions, may be given to Alison our Newsletter Editor

The North Sports Hall

14th May 2018: Work in Progress

The North Pool is now closed for refurbishment and work has begun on the North Sports Hall - old badminton hall.  A new style LED outdoor lamp is also appearing on the resort. See Gallery

1st May 2018 :  The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in to effect on 25th May 2018.

Members who have provided us with valid e-mail addresses will shortly receive an e-mail to explain how this will affect them as a member of ITSO UK.  The policy can be found in the Downloads (Public) section.  If you are a member and do not receive an e-mail from us then it is most likely that we do not hold current details for you.  Please contact Courtney Gunn, membership secretary.  Alternatively you can use the form on this website 'UPDATE your contact details here.  Courtney will receive this form and be able to send you the e-mail. 

Please be aware that if you do not respond to the e-mail then we will no longer be able to contact you.  Therefore, you will not receive updates, Newsletters, AGM details, website password.

14th March 2018 :  Denis Miles retires as a committee member

Denis joined the committee in November 2011 and served as Secretary until 2016. Denis has taken on additional responsibilities as a governor of an FE College and decided the time was right to retire from the ITSO committee.  Denis was thanked for his contribution and wished well for the future.  A case of wine was sent to Denis as a token of appreciation

Peter Hall attended the meeting as an observer and was welcomed to the committee as a co-opted member.  Peter has extensive experience in business and has served as the Chair of the Gatwick Airport Passenger Advisory Group since 1991.  Peter owns several timeshare weeks at Club La Santa and has been visiting Club La Santa since the 1980s

13th March 2018 :  TRX Classes move to new location

The new surface is complete and classes for TRX now take place in the stadium

25th January 2018 :  Sports Tours signs a new contract with Club La Santa

The new contract will run for a further 8 years.

The link below will take you to a news article in a UK publication:

16th January 2018 :  TRX bars moved to the stadium

New TRX bars have been installed in the stadium.  The blue surface will be added next. Keep an eye on the programme for the TRX classes to move to this new location

15th January 2018 : Not visiting Club La Santa this year or would you like an extra week at Club La Santa?

Have you checked the apartments wanted for rent or the weeks available to rent list?  These can be found in the Member Area of the website in the Member Only Downloads section.  There are in excess of 50 apartment weeks available and approx. 20 members looking for apartment weeks to rent.

Now that the occupancy levels at Club La Santa are consistently high it has been reported that internal exchanges are becoming more difficult to accommodate.  Rental of apartment weeks between members is a good option, and you are guaranteed the apartment you will stay in - this is not the case with an internal exchange.  An apartment plan is available here


Are you on either of the lists?  Are your apartment weeks still available?  Have you found what you need?  Are your details correct?  Please contact Kaylee at Rentals if you would like to be added or removed from either list or if your details are incorrect. 


This is a great facility for our members but it is only as successful as you make it.  Please help us to keep it up to date, and please add your weeks if you know you will not use them.  You can register your weeks available or wanted here 

Thank you 

8th January 2018 : Happy New Year! Member Area Password & ITSO Member Cards

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you will be travelling to Club La Santa over the next 12 months and that you like the changes that are taking place this year. The new TRX station in the stadium is almost complete.

(Please refer to the report in the Member Only Downloads section of the website for further detail.)

The password to the Members' Area has been changed and all members should have received an e-mail to inform them of the new password.  Please contact the Membership Secretary if you have not received it. (Your contact details may need to be updated.)

Membership cards for 2018 will be produced shortly and will be ready for you at reception.  Please do not ask for the card of a family member, or present a letter to say a family member is authorised to collect it.  Cards can only be collected by members named on the card and this will be cross checked against passports on check-in. Should you believe you are a paid up UK member and there is no card for you at reception then please contact the Treasurer as soon as possible.  Kim will be unable to assist you as he is not authorised to request cards. It is strongly recommended that you quote your membership number when requesting your card.  This is a 4 digit number beginning with 1

Have a great year!

18th December 2017 : Renovation period North Pool and Old Badminton Hall

TSOs are being informed by Sports Tours of the dates for renovation of the North Pool and the Old Badminton Hall:-

1st May to 13th August 2018 - the Old Badminton Hall 

12th May to 3rd August 2018 the North Pool

These facilities will not be available for use during these periods. 

The 2 South Pools and the New Sports Hall will be available throughout. Club La Santa apologises for any inconvenience.

30th November 2017 : ITSO Card holder benefits

We are pleased to inform you that Kim has secured a 10% discount for ITSO members who present a current ITSO card at Rio Azul in La Santa village.  Rio Azul serves Spanish food and offers particularly good fish and seafood which may vary according to the local catch.  The list of restaurants offering discounts will be updated shortly.

16th November 2017 : UK Committee - Change of Chairman

Rod Duke joined the UK committee in November 2009 and has held the position of Chairman since March 2012.  He decided to retire as Chairman at the November committee meeting.  The committee would like to thank Rod for his excellent chairmanship of the UK association.  We are pleased that Rod has agreed to continue to serve on the committee in an advisory capacity until new committee members are established. Kaylee Bonja was unanimously elected to serve as the new Chairman. 

16th October 2017 : International Board Report to AGM

Thank you to all members who attended the AGM.  As promised, the report given under Item 2 of the Agenda has been uploaded to the Members' Area.  This is useful information for members who were unable to attend so please take a look.  To recap the meeting:- minutes were adopted, accounts approved and signed, committee members were re-elected,  Andy Robinson was elected to the committee, and Sue Garland was re-appointed as Honorary Auditor. The Skype connection worked well and a few members were able to listen in remotely.

The committee looks forward to seeing you all again next year!

15th October 2017 : Weekly Timeshare Owner Social Hour and Information Meeting

Please note that the weekly TSO meeting is now held on a Tuesday evening at 6pm in the Members' Lounge.  As this is not a 'show' night we hope that more of you will be able to attend. 

Also, your ITSO membership card can be programmed to give you 24/7 access to the Members' Lounge.  (Ask in Reception)

9th October 2017 : ITSO (UK) Reminder AGM 2017

Don't forget the AGM takes place this coming Sunday at the Holiday Inn, Hemel Hempstead. There is still time to join us! Papers are available in the Members' Area. Please send responses to Rod Duke ITSO UK Chair.  Alternatively, you could help us trial our phone-in link via Skype and listen to the meeting.  Please contact the Chair for more information, numbers are limited.


30th September 2017 : ITSO (UK) Statement of Accounts 2016/2017

The statement of Accounts has been uploaded to the Members' Area - Downloads section. This will be presented at the AGM so if you have any queries, whether attending the AGM or not, then please direct them to Kaylee Bonja, the Treasurer.  Comments will be noted at the AGM.

15.10.2017:Please note the accounts have now been audited and approved


21st September 2017 : Service Fees for 2018  

The Service Fees for 2018 can be found in the Downloads (Public) Area.  Unfortunately, the increase for Brits is almost 15%.  This is the first significant rise for a few years and is caused by an increase in the rate of Spanish inflation and the weak British pound. The basis of the calculation is clearly shown and follows the agreed method of calculation as set out in the STRAP2 agreement.  If you have weeks early in the New Year then please use the list of fees to make your payment to Sports Tours.  You do not need to wait for a letter from Kathryn at Sports Tours.  For any queries about payment of Service Fees please contact Kathryn Calderbank

13th September 2017 : Joining the AGM remotely   

For the first time this year members will have the opportunity to listen in to the AGM via a Skype connection.  Up to 25 people will be able to connect and this will be on a first come first served basis.  For details of how to connect to the meeting please read the instruction guide which can be found in the Downloads (members only) area of the Members' Area.  We hope that some of you who are unable to join us in Hemel Hempstead will join us via Skype.

13th September 2017 : Autumn 2017 Newsletter   

UK Members should have all received the latest Newsletter by e-mail.  If you hold a valid UK membership and have not received an e-mail from then please check your junk mailbox in the first instance.  If you still cannot find anything from us then we may not be holding up to date contact details for you. Please complete the 'UPDATE Your Contact Details Here' form by clicking on the box to the right.  Should you have any problem or query then please contact Courtney, the membership secretary at DO NOT USE the admin e-mail account as this will generate an auto response only

The Newsletter can be found in the Members' Area. Sorry, it is not available to non members.  Should you wish to join ITSO UK then please download, complete and return an application form.

13th September 2017 : AGM 2017   

UK Members should have all received an e-mail containing links to the AGM papers.  If you hold a valid UK membership and have not received an e-mail from then please check your junk mailbox in the first instance.  If you still cannot find anything from us then we may not be holding up to date contact details for you. Please complete the 'UPDATE Your Contact Details Here' form by clicking on the box to the right.  Should you have any problem or query then please contact Courtney, the membership secretary at DO NOT USE the admin e-mail account as this will generate an auto response only

The AGM papers can be found in the Members' Area. Sorry, it is not available to non members.  Should you wish to join ITSO UK then please download, complete and return an application form.

17th April 2017 : Spring 2017 Newsletter   

UK Members should have all received the latest Newsletter by e-mail.  If you hold a valid UK membership and have not received an e-mail from then please check your junk mailbox in the first instance.  If you still cannot find anything from us then we may not be holding up to date contact details for you. Please complete the 'UPDATE Your Contact Details Here' form by clicking on the box to the right.  Should you have any problem or query then please contact Courtney, the membership secretary at DO NOT USE the admin e-mail account as this will generate an auto response only

The Newsletter can be found in the Members' Area. Sorry, it is not available to non members.  Should you wish to join ITSO UK then please download, complete and return an application form.

2nd March 2017: Additional Facilities   

We are pleased to inform you that Club La Santa is introducing a new exercise class 'Slack Walk'.  There will also be a new Beach Volley Court and another area for playing Petanca.  The Lawn and the 5-a-side court will also be resurfaced.

6th January 2017: Apartments Available for Rent   

Following some negative feedback from members we have agreed to make it clearer to members whether or not the owner of the apartment advertised here as available for rent has the intention to charge anything more than £50 over and above the Service Fee.  This will help to avoid any awkwardness between members when money is discussed.  Owners on the list will be contacted over the coming week, and the weeks where the owners have confirmed that they will charge between £0-£50 will be highlighted in colour.  We hope this will help to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.  On a positive note the UK rental system works very well and gives members the opportunity to visit at different times of year without having to forego their own weeks.  The other national associations have recently set up a similar facility for their members.  If you would like to make any comment of give further feedback then please use the address. Should you have an urgent query then please contact the appropriate committee member directly.  Contact details can be found in the Members' Area.  For password queries please contact the Membership Secretary or the Treasurer

2nd January 2017: ITSO (UK) Committee -Retirement of Membership Secretary     


We are sorry to lose John Price as the Membership Secretary.  John has served on the committee since 2001 and done a sterling job as Membership Secretary.  The role has changed considerably over recent years; the introduction of an electronic database and changes to the distribution of membership cards.  Thank you John for all your hard work and commitment to ITSO.  Thanks also for your good humour, kindness, and pragmatic approach to ITSO business at committee meetings.  We wish you good luck and much happiness in your retirement.

Courtney Gunn has been appointed as the new Membership Secretary. Many of you will be aware of Courtney as he is the person who is responsible for circulating e-mails, notifications, and other communications to our membership via Mail Chimp.  Courtney is our IT specialist and was responsible for developing the electronic membership database.  


15th December 2016: ITSO (UK) Committee

                             - Recruitment of New Committee Members


We are seeking to recruit new members to our committee to enable effective succession planning over the next year.


The committee meets 3 times a year in London (March, June and November) and once prior to the AGM (October). The principal roles on the committee are:




                              Membership Secretary

                              Minutes Secretary

                              Newsletter Editor

                              AGM Organiser/Administration

                              Website Maintenance/Administration


Other activities are dealt with on an ad hoc basis.


The existing committee members have each undertaken different roles and there will be flexibility in the allocation of duties to utilise the skills of new members.


The raison d’être of the committee is to represent and protect the interests of our members, at Club La Santa. We have two members on the ITSO International Board who, as English is the common language, act as Chairman and Secretary. The International Board meets twice a year, once in a representative country (UK, Denmark, Belgium or Germany) and the other at Club La Santa.


There is no specific skill set requirements for new members. However, with the issues we face in discussions with Club La Santa it is clear that being commercial, numerate and having good literacy is necessary.


Please apply by email to and attach your CV.


12th December 2016: Sports Booking App 

The Sports Booking App went live on 1st December.  There will, of course, be initial glitches as early problems are discovered and resolved by the launch of app updates.  Timeshare owners and guests can download the app to android and Apple devices.  Devices will be available in specified places around the resort for guests to make sports bookings online, e.g., Reception and Sports Booking.  Sports Booking will continue to accept bookings as normal.  

A little more about the app: 250 points are allocated to each adult and the points are used to secure bookings.  Points required for each type of sport varies but it will cost more points to book something a day in advance than it will to book the same thing on the same day.  When the activity has taken place the points will be added back to the total.  Should a change of mind about an activity take place then there is the facility to cancel the booking and the points used to secure the booking will be credited back to the individual. 

Your details as a TSO should already be on the system.  This will enable you to access TSO booking privileges.  These are the ability to book bicycles for a full day and to book tennis courts 6, 7, 8 and 9 one day in advance.  These courts will only be available to non-TSOs for 'on the day' bookings.  This was agreed under STRAP2. Club La Santa has provided some screenshots of the app and these can be found in the Downloads (Public) section. Sports Booking App Screenshots 


Should you discover any anomalies or problems with the app whilst staying at Club La Santa then please inform the management as soon as possible so that a resolution can be made as quickly as possible.

12th December 2016: Update on the road around the lagoon

The work is almost complete and line painting is now taking place.

28th November 2016: Road around the lagoon

You will be pleased to learn that work has commenced on the road around the lagoon. It will take aproximately one month to complete the resurfacing and the work began last Monday (21st November).  This will make cycling, running, walking, and driving round the lagoon a more pleasurable experience.

23rd October 2016: Club La Santa Launderette

We are pleased to inform you that a self service launderette has now opened at Club La Santa. There are 4 large washing machines and 3 tumble dryers.  It can be found next to the Club La Santa Laundry.  For details of costs and opening hours please see the information poster in the Downloads (Public) section Launderette Information Poster

13th October 2016: ITSO UK Association Accounts 2015/2016 

These have been audited and uploaded to the Members' Area.  They are being made available to members prior to the AGM so that questions can be directed to the Treasurer before the AGM and regardless of attendance at the AGM. Please direct any questions or queries to Kaylee Bonja

10th October 2016: Service Fee 2017 

The details of service fees for 2017 can be found in the Downloads (Public) area of the website. The calculations have been ratified by the International Board and there is a reduction in the Service Fee for 2017.

Timeshare Owners wishing to confirm use of their January weeks should contact Kathryn Calderbank at Sports Tours Manchester.

Please ensure you make the payment within the three month deadline.

1st September 2016 Important notice to UK Members: The 2016 AGM Papers have been sent out electronically.  If you have not received an e-mail from us then please contact the membership secretary or update your e-mail details using the Update Your Contact Details facility in the right hand column of this page. Please remember that all communications are sent to members electronically. 


AGM Details, Attendance Form and Proxy Form can be found in the Members' Area- Member Only Downloads - It is in Word format so that you can complete the response forms and submit to the Chair electronically

Important Reminders: ITSO Membership Cards & Airport Transfers

It has come to our attention that family of ITSO members are asking for membership cards that they are not entitled to.  We would like to remind you that cards can only be collected and used by the named persons on the card.  Proof of identity will be required when requesting cards, this is usually done on check-in and cross checked against passports presented. You are able to update the names on your cards but it is strictly limited to two names per membership.  The first named person on the cards MUST be the registered Timeshare Owner.  The second named person can be a family member or partner.  If you would like to update the names on your cards with effect from 2017 then please inform the Membership Secretary in good time (around the renewal date September 2016 is ideal)

Thank you 


Airport Transfers: Following some recent queries from Timeshare Owners please can we draw your attention to the ITSO Airport Transfers document within the Members' Area.  There is no automatic right to free transfers if CLS agree to a request to change the start/end date of your stay. 

4th July 2016: Renovations to the Square

We are pleased to inform you that the renovations to the Square are almost complete; and tonight the Green Team Show returned to the Square!  The height of the roof has been raised and additional seating areas have been installed at balcony level and ground level. Also, an area accessible to wheelchair users has been installed at balcony level.  

We hope you are pleased with the changes.


8th June 2016: Renovations to the Square

Now that the refurbishment of all apartments is complete work has commenced on the renovations to the Square. The shows are being held in the marquee set up on the Lawn.  Club La Santa is making every effort to have the works to the Square completed by the beginning of the peak summer holiday period.

8th June 2016: New information available to Members

We are pleased to inform you that the accounts for ITSO UK and ITSO International are now available to members.  They can be found in the Members Area within the Downloads section.

6th June 2016: ITSO Service Office

Kim and Karen are taking a well deserved break so the office will be closed from 7th June and re-open on 22nd June.  The next TSO meeting will take place on Monday 27th June at 6pm. Kim can still be contacted via e-mail but please reserve contact for emergencies only as I am sure you will agree that they need a couple of weeks to themselves. Queries about ITSO membership and cards can be directed to the Membership Secretary or Treasurer as usual.

16th March 2016: Spring Newsletter Issue 45

The latest newsletter was mailed out electronically to members yesterday.  UK members can also find a copy in the Members' Area.  If you are a UK member and have not received your copy by e-mail then please check your junk and spam boxes.  If it cannot be found then please use the Update Your Contact details button on the right to supply us with your most up to date e-mail address and other contact details. For any queries relating to your membership please contact John Price, the Membership Secretary

7th March 2016: Plan of Apartment Locations

An apartment locations file has been added to the Timeshare Resales area.  This may also be useful to you if you are looking to rent an apartment and would like to know where an available apartment is located.  For further assistance contact

6th January 2016: Password for Members' Area

The password has been updated for 2016.  If you have not received an e-mail containing the new password please check your junk mail box and check that you have not unsubscribed from our mail service.  For further assistance contact

25th October 2015: Weeks Available for Rent

The list has been updated today and some UK school holiday weeks are available. Don't forget to check the calendar - in the public downloads area of this website - as the Week 53 in 2015 has pushed 2016 weeks back and caught a few Timeshare Owners out.

19th October 2015: Weeks for Sale Update Day

Apologies for any recent confusion. After some trial and error it has now been agreed that the Weeks for Sale will be updated on a Monday

12th October 2015

  • Thank you to all who attended the AGM at The Derbyshire Hotel, South Normanton.  We hope you all found it informative and enjoyed the opportunity to raise questions to the committee and Kim Tell, ITSO Service Office Manager, about ITSO and Club La Santa.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next year in the Windsor area.
  • A new 'Apartments Available for Rent' has been uploaded and this includes some Easter weeks.  Please remember to check the weeks calendar before booking your flights as there is a week 53 in 2015

5th October 2015: R.I.P. Dr Antonio Zoido


It is with much sadness that we inform you that Dr Antonio Zoido passed away suddenly yesterday.  He had been the doctor at Club La Santa for over three decades and he will have treated many of you during that time.  As a mark of respect a one minute silence was held at Club La Santa this morning.  A decision to postpone the weekly TSO meeting until tomorrow evening has also been taken. The Chair of ITSO International and ITSO UK has written to offer condolences to the family from the ITSO membership. Dr Antonio will be missed by many people.  A memorial service will be held this evening at 6pm at the church in the Plaza de San Roque, Tinajo.  The funeral service will be held in his home town of Frenegal de la Sierra, Spain.

28th September 2015: New Members' Lounge


The new refurbished Members' Lounge is now open.  A record number of Timeshare Owners attended the meeting this evening.  The new lounge is located in the old ITSO Service office and extends behind the old office.  A few finishing touches are needed to fully complete the refurbishment - a larger television, additional electrical sockets for the computer work station, pictures, and curtains or blinds for the windows.  We hope you like it and will make good use of the facilities.  Feedback is welcome at

23rd September 2015: Apartments Wanted for Rent 2016


School holiday weeks are always in demand by other ITSO members and are impossible to exchange into.  If you own a school holiday week and will not be using it in 2016 then please let us know as soon as possible and we can advertise it for rent here.  Please complete the online form in the members only section register weeks for rent - or contact Kaylee Bonja at

21st September 2015: Reminder Subscriptions for 2015/2016


The subscription for 2015/2016 falls due on 1st September and the cost remains at £12.  Please ensure payment is received by 30th September as this is the cut-off date used for producing the list of names for printing to 2016 membership cards.  Standing Order is the preferred payment method and if you would like to switch to this method of payment please contact John Price, the Membership Secretary -  

If you would like to change the names on your cards then please use the UPDATE Your Contact Details Here facility on the website, (it is a button on the right hand side of each page), or contact John Price.  You may have up to two cards and the first name on each card must be the ITSO member.

18th September 2015: Reminder AGM 2015


There is still time to get your responses and proxy votes to the Chair. 

The AGM will take place on Sunday 11th October at the Derbyshire Hotel, Carter Lane (East), South Normanton, Derbyshire, DE55 2EH.

Check details here


Kim Tell, the new ITSO Service Manager, will be attending to give an update of what is happening at Club La Santa.  You will have the opportunity to meet him or, if you remember him from the past, have the chance to catch up with him and reminisce.  


We are looking for a new auditor -Ewan Drake has done a sterling job for the last 3 years and is retiring from the role.  The job is straightforward and takes only a few hours to complete.  Please contact the treasurer for further information

Update - Position filled.  Thank you Sue Garland


If you have not received your invitation with the agenda and proxy paper then please get in touch with the Membership Secretary and he will check the details we hold for you

13th September 2015: Service Fees 2016


The letter from Sports Tours detailing service fees for 2016 will be issued shortly.  The strength of the pound against the euro combined with the low rise in the Spanish Price Index is good news for the UK TSOs.

Please note that Sports Tours are only able to accept payment in sterling. There is a week 53 in 2015 so please check the 2016 calendar of weeks carefully before booking your flights. The calendar is available on this website in the Downloads (Public) section and will also be included with your letter from Sports Tours. If you do not receive a letter by the end of this month then please contact Kathryn Calderbank at Sports Tours as it is likely the details held by them are out of date.

21st August 2015: New Weeks For Sale List


Changes to the Weeks For Sale will be uploaded to this website on a Friday.

8th August 2015: Tarmac for the road around the lagoon!


The local government has announced that the road around the lagoon at Club La Santa (La Isleta) will be resurfaced. This will come as good news for all and will make cycling, driving and walking around the lagoon more comfortable.   

6th August 2015: New Weeks For Sale List


This has been updated today and can be found on the Timeshare Resales page.

Kim Tell is the only ITSO authorised agent for timeshare resales at Club La Santa.  He can be contacted at  

3rd August 2015: The ITSO Service Office Re-opens


The ITSO Service Office re-opened today at 2pm.  The new opening hours are Monday-Friday 2pm to 6pm, and we hope this suits timeshare owners better.  The office is located in The Square, between the hairdresser's and La Plaza restaurant.  Kim will be very happy to meet timeshare owners so please call by and say hello.   


A new Weeks for Sale list can be found on the Timeshare Resales page - no password required.  


Until the new Members' Lounge re-opens the weekly TSO meetings will take place in the former La Casa restaurant.  The time and day remains unchanged - Mondays at 6pm 

Kim can be contacted at  

27th July 2015: Weekly Timeshare Owners' Meetings


We are pleased to inform you that the weekly TSO meeting will recommence this evening. Kim is looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.  The Service Office will be open Monday-Friday from 2-6pm and is permanently located in the Square.  The Weeks for Sale list and the fees and payments documents have been uploaded to this website.  See the Timeshare Resales section and the Downloads (Public) - no password required.  

Kim can be contacted at  

The new Members' Lounge will be opening in the next month or so... We will keep you posted!

23rd July 2015: Apartments Available to Rent


The apartments available to rent list has been updated.  There is availability for almost every week of the year - including school holidays and Christmas and New Year! Please advise us if you are unable to use your apartment weeks this year or next year and we will add them to the list so that other ITSO members may be able to rent them from you.  Any queries please contact Kaylee at

14th July 2015: New ITSO Service Office Manager / Timeshare Resales, Club La Santa


We are very pleased to announce that we have appointed a new ITSO Service Manager.  Kim Tell will be known to many of you.  Together with his wife Karen Lamb he has a very long association with Club La Santa; having worked for the entertainment department, the restaurant in the square (when it was known as La Bodega), and the disco. Kim and Karen have also been Timeshare Owners at the resort.  Kim is thrilled to be back working at Club La Santa and is looking forward to meeting with members over the coming months. The Monday evening Timeshare Owner meetings will resume in a couple of weeks and the office will be open soon after the meetings have resumed - watch this space! (He needs a little time to deal with the backlog) If you visit the resort over the next month or so then please take a few minutes to welcome Kim to his new post.  He can also be contacted by e-mail:

24th June 2015: Vacancy ITSO Service Office Manager/Timeshare Resales, Club La Santa


We have had a fantastic response for this vacancy.  Thank you to all that have expressed an interest.  The closing date for receipt of c.v.s is Sunday 28th June 2015.  We will then begin the shortlisting process and invite successful applicants for interview.

For further information please contact Rod Duke at

12th June 2015: Vacancy ITSO Service Office Manager/Timeshare Resales, Club La Santa


There is an immediate vacancy for the above role.  The ITSO Service Office needs to be staffed for 100 hours per month.  Full details of expectations of the role will be provided.

Emoluments: There is a retainer plus a range of commissions relating to the resale activity.

A one bedroom apartment within Club La Santa is available to the successful candidate.

Staff related benefits on site are available.

For further information please contact Rod Duke at

8th June 2015:ITSO Office Service Manager


We regret to inform you that Roger Herbert, ITSO Office Service Manager, has resigned his post with immediate effect.  The ITSO Service Office is temporarily closed until the ITSO International Board has put its contingency plan into effect. Existing resale transactions will be progressed but we are unable to accept any new transactions at the moment.  Should you have any worries or concerns about your apartment resale then please contact the Chair of the International Board, Mr Rod Duke

There will be no weekly timeshare owner meetings until further notice.  

The ITSO Office Service Manager post will be advertised shortly via our websites.

18th May 2015:Apartments Available to Rent


The list of apartments available to rent has been updated.  Please contact the ITSO member directly for more details, including the cost, and please read the guidance given on this website about obtaining additional weeks.  For the time being ITSO are using the original Red, Green and Yellow classifications.  The new CLS classifications will be used when all the renovations are complete.


Should you have any queries then please get in touch with the ITSO committee Rentals Officer at 


If you will not be using your timeshare weeks in the next year then please add them to the list of apartmants available to rent by completing and submitting the form in the Members' Area.  This service is provided to ITSO members only so if you are a timeshare owner at Club La Santa and would like to enjoy this benefit, in addition to the other benefits of ITSO membership, then please complete the online application form or contact the Membership Secretary at 

9th April 2015:AGM Details


The date and location have now been fixed. Please put the date in your diary. Click for details

9th April 2015:Spring Newsletter Available 


A little late, but the Spring 2015 Newsletter has now been successfully uploaded to the website. Click here   The password is required.

If you have not received the Newsletter by e-mail then please inform us of your current e-mail address by using the UPDATE Your Contact Details button in the right hand column. With your help we are saving  printing costs, thank you.

2015 Membership Cards

We are pleased to confirm that membership cards for 2015 will be available for collection at Club La Santa Reception.


Club La Santa Management has kindly agreed to continue the arrangement of collection by UK members on arrival at reception when they check in.


Only those cards of paid up members (by cut off database date 30th September) will be embossed with their names and be available at Club La Santa.  Members who paid after the cut off date will receive their cards directly from the Membership Secretary. 


If you are uncertain of your payment date then please contact the Treasurer at for confirmation.  We would like to request that members set their annual standing order payment to 1st September.

Members' Area Password


Please note this has changed for 2015.  Please check your mailbox over the coming days for the new password.  If you are not receiving e-mails from us then please visit UPDATE Your Contact Details Here on the right.  Please also check your spam/junk e-mail as mail from ITSO could have been filtered by your provider. 


Please contact if you experience any difficulties.

ITSO UK publish regular newsletters to keep members up to date with the association's activities and latest CLS news.


The Spring 2015 Newsletter is now available for download in the Members'Area. 


A summary of the STRAP2 Agreement is also available.


ITSO UK Newsletters are available here.


IMPORTANT - Contact with members is now exclusively by email.  Please be sure we have your correct details!


UPDATE Your Contact Details Here

2024 ITSO CARDS - CLS will issue a microchipped card to you on arrival which MUST BE RETURNED at the end of your stay. This card will also act as your apartment key so it will not bear your name or apartment number.  

We can now accept your feedback about the website. The e-mail account will be checked on a regular basis and feedback reported to committee.  However, please do not use this e-mail account for specific or urgent queries, (continue to contact the relevant committee officers), as we are unable to respond from this account.  Thank you

Want to join us?

If you'd like to become an ITSO UK member, please download our application form


ITSO UK Membership Secretary

Sue Garland